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Cartridge filter housing has wide range of applications, such as drinking water, electronics, pharmacy, beverage, foods,chemicals, etc. The shell usually made from stain less steel, and it can work with various types of filter cartridges.



Housing material:stainless steel 304 316L

Seal material:NBR Viton, silicon

Available filters:PP melt blown, Pleated filter(PP, PTFE, PES, NYLON) stain less steel filter titanium sinter filter etc.

Standard inlet & outlet position: side(in), bottom(out)

Working pressure:< 0.6 Mpa

Design pressure: 1.0 Mpa

Closure : swing bolt

vent : 1/4"

Pressure gauge : 1/4"

Connection type: flange, thread, tri-clamp.

Surface treatment: polish, sandblast.

Customized products: available



Filter Products
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Cartridge filter housing

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