Only Some of Our Foreign Customers Listed Here, We are Having More













Over 80 percent of our filter elements are for export. Please find below part of our customers abroad:


Company Name: Barmag, Nemag

Size of filter element for Barmag: Dia.60x500L series, Dia.60x1000L series

The U.S.A.:

Company Name: Du Pont


Company Name: Ems-Inventa


Company Name: Fuji

Size of filter element: Dia.50x1020L series


Company Name: NOY

Size of filter element:

Dia.14x215L series, Dia.14x500L series, Dia.50x500L series, Dia.50x800L series etc.



Filter Products
Pleated Filter Elements (PF):
Cylindrical Filter Elements (CF):
Disc Filter (DF):
Pack Filter & Leaf Filter (LF):
Other Metallic Filter (OF):
Sintered Powder Filter (SF):
Mine Sieving Mesh:
Metalloid Filter (MF):
The Center Blowy System
Type A Sintered Wire Mesh
Cartridge filter housing

Filter Wire Mesh Products
Industrial Woven Wire Cloth (Square Opening Series):
Dutch Wire Cloth:
Standard Grading Screen of Abrasive Industry:
Other Wire Mesh Products:









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