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  The Center Blowy System(inner ring blowy system)













We can also provide the entire system.Besides,we can produce individually the combined Piece of rectifier canister.The size of annular blowy rectifier canister is accurate and the shape is beautiful.It has symmetrical Opening,which is produced to be consummate.Stainless steel wire mesh adopts laser butt welding process.The width of weld is small and the netting suface is flat if so,it can ensure the blowy uniformity.



Filter Products
Pleated Filter Elements (PF):
Cylindrical Filter Elements (CF):
Disc Filter (DF):
Pack Filter & Leaf Filter (LF):
Other Metallic Filter (OF):
Sintered Powder Filter (SF):
Mine Sieving Mesh:
Metalloid Filter (MF):
The Center Blowy System
Type A Sintered Wire Mesh
Cartridge filter housing

Filter Wire Mesh Products
Industrial Woven Wire Cloth (Square Opening Series):
Dutch Wire Cloth:
Standard Grading Screen of Abrasive Industry:
Other Wire Mesh Products:









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