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Main filter media: Stainless steel sintered fiber web and stainless steel wire woven cloth while the former is the product of Bekaert Fibre Technologies of Belgium.
Advantages of stainless steel pleated filter elements:

  • High dirt holding capacity
  • High reliable standard specifications
  • Stainless steel pleated filter element has low pressure drop due to high porosity
  • Pleated filter element has accurate filtration rating
  • Easily cleanable by conventional chemical cleaning and with a long life-span
  • Filtration area of pleated stainless steel filter element is increased by pleating
Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Element

Filtration rating: Available filtration rating of pleated stainless steel filter elements: 5 |m to 60 |m

Sizes: Any outline size available according to customer's requirement. Common sizes include:
35 series: at length of 102mm, 207mm, 210mm, 424mm, 485mm, 432mm, 798mm
ø44mm(1 3/4") series: at length of 205mm, 424mm, 485mm, 798mm, 1075mm
ø50mm series: at length of 410mm, 525mm, 870mm, 1395mm
ø57mm series: at length of 1025mm, 1472mm
ø60mm series: at length of 500mm, 1000mm, 620mm, 952mm
ø62mm series: at length of 1195mm, 1395mm
ø104mm x 510mmL

Working pressure: 25MPa.

Working temperature: 320°C.

Uses: Filtering of polymer melt and fluid.

Please refer to drawing below for detail illustration of the stucture:


1.Stainless steel material free from blur ensures a long life span. 

2.Outside protection cylinder (made of perforated stainless steel plate) can protect the candle filter element from unexpected damage at installation.

3.Pleating waves increase the filtration area, enhance product lifespan and reduce operation cost.

4.Taper design at the end increases flow and avoid low flow area.

5.Quality imported sintered fiber web enjoy super filtration and repeated cleaning.

6.Internal hexagonal design to make the dismantle and loading of the elements easy, also avoid flow decreasing of the joint part.

7.The pressure resistance of stainless steel supporting inside core can reach 175bar.



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