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Hebei Lian-Fa Filter Equipment Co., Ltd. manufactures stainless steel woven wire cloth as one of its filter medium. Woven wire mesh is the alternative of expensive imported metal fiber web.

Such woven metal wire structure allows a very precise separation, and filtration takes place purely on the surface; therefore, the media can be easily cleaned. Filter efficiencies normally range from 5 microns upwards. Specifications, please refer to list below.

Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh, Plain Weave
Wire Diameter X Mesh Wire Diameter X Mesh
wire dia.1.8mmx2mesh wire dia.0.21mmx40mesh
wire dia.1.6mmx3mesh wire dia.0.19mmx50mesh
wire dia.1.2mmx4mesh wire dia.0.15mmx60mesh
wire dia.0.9mmx5mesh wire dia.0.14mmx70mesh
wire dia.0.8mmx6mesh wire dia.0.12mmx80mesh
wire dia.0.6mmx8mesh wire dia.0.11mmx90mesh
wire dia.0.55mmx10mesh wire dia.0.10mmx100mesh
wire dia.0.50mmx12mesh wire dia.0.08mmx120mesh
wire dia.0.45mmx14mesh wire dia.0.07mmx140mesh
wire dia.0.40mmx16mesh wire dia.0.065mmx150mesh
wire dia.0.35mmx18mesh wire dia.0.065mmx160mesh
wire dia.0.30mmx20mesh wire dia.0.053mmx180mesh
wire dia.0.28mmx24mesh wire dia.0.053mmx200mesh
wire dia.0.25mmx30mesh
wire dia.0.04mmx250mesh
Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh, Twill Weave
Wire Dia.X Mesh Wire Dia.X Mesh
wire dia.0.04mmx300mesh wire dia.0.03mmx400mesh
wire dia.0.035mmx325mesh wire dia.0.025mmx500mesh
wire dia.0.03mmx350mesh -


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